Guide to Digital Advertising

What is Digital Advertising? It is also referred as Internet Marketing. It is a modern way to introduce products, services, skill, etc. to your audience or target market through online or internet. It could be through banners, video ads, social media and many more.

There are different forms of advertising such as the paid ads and display advertising. The first type of ads is where advertisers prefer paying for their ads to be displayed by Google as links on search engine. While the latter is the common photos or banners you see from different websites posted under or on the sides of the page.

Maybe you have heard of the terms Pay Per Click, CPM and the Fixed Cost Ads before, but what are these terms in digital marketing? Well, Pay-per-click is wherein the website owner or advertiser pays the provider when online users click on the ads such as banner or video. CPM which is short for Cost Per Mile is wherein every 1000 visitors who visit your website will make you pay. Fixed Cost is where your ads are posted for a certain time. Keep in mind that these methods will not help you earn money but will surely help the brand or product to be noticed by audience.

Email Marketing is also used to promote businesses and other offers. It is also proven to be successful especially if your target market are the busy clients who do not have so much time checking out social media accounts and various websites.

Digital Advertising does not mean that you always have to pay in order to reach and approach your prospect consumers online. SEO or Search Engine Optimization can be done to make the brand or company appeal to some audience without risking money. Time and money are both important for business owners and the purpose of SEO is to make the burden of brand marketing and selling more convenient, quick and effective.

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