CTI server consultants for multiple computer telephony vendors. CTI solutions services include platform evaluation, system design, development and integration. Lorentz Consulting Group, experience the difference!
Computer Telephony vendors.
Genesis T server
Quintus - Nabnasset
IBM - Call Path
Located in Dallas, Texas, Lorentz consulting and our partner network are experienced CTI consultants, providing an integrated practice that incorporates all facets of enterprise e-business needs. We assist companies in improving customer-facing communications and automated self help to enhance customer support and sales. Our focus is on superior best-of-breed strategic planning and technologies. We can be your one source for all e-business opportunities. Come check out our main site including articles, research, guides, primers, and white papers, or our other expertise.

CTI, computer telephony integration consultants

Solutions - consulting, strategy, design, development, integration

CTI consultants, Computer Telephony Integration - strategy design development integration, solutions consulting
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Consulting design development and integration solutions
Featured Article: Developing A Customer Access Strategy
An overview of the evolution towards a customer contact center and the internal efficiencies created. Factors are explored in development of a plan that integrates the needs of the customer requirements with the cost and benefit to a company.
Dallas, Texas, TX
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